How do I purchase multiple gifts instead of one item at a time?

For physical gifts: If the gifts are from the same retailer, you can add them to the retailer's shopping cart to purchase/ship the items together. The retailer that the gift is purchased from is listed below the gift image.

For cash gifts: All cash gifts have to be purchased separately. All cash gifts are placed into one cash registry balance for the registrant to redeem, so we recommend contributing more to one gift rather than making several contributions if possible.

Blueprint Registry is a Universal Registry, which means gifts may be added from many different retailers online. Each retailer requires separate purchase (for example, a gift from Bed Bath & Beyond may not be purchased in the same checkout as a gift from Macy's).

Currently, we do not have a shopping cart on our website to purchase multiple gifts at the same time.  We plan to launch this feature very soon!

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