What pages or options are available on a Wedding Website?

Blueprint offers various pages for you to include in your Wedding Website. Each page features unique details to make sure you're showing off your wedding in the best way possible.

Make sure that the page visibility is on to include the page on your Wedding Website. The visibility toggle is located in each Page Editor section.

The Home page:  This acts as the welcome page where your guests will first arrive online. Add a personal photo, Welcome Message, your Couple's Story, event date and more.

The Schedule page:  
Here would be the best place to share event specific details with guests. This may include individual events (like the Bridal Shower, Wedding Ceremony, etc.). You can add details for the event time, attire, location, map, and a brief description.

The RSVP page:  
Create and manage your RSVPs from this page, where guests may RSVP to your main event.

The Registry page:  
This page will integrate your registry directly into your website page, making it quick and easy for guests to shop.

The Travel page:  Detail any pertinent travel information that’ll be useful for your guests, like accommodations, hotel blocks, airport information, and directions.

The Wedding Party page:  Show your wedding party some love! Let your guests get to know the people standing alongside you on your big day.

Template:  You can explore and choose the template of your website here. We offer many colorful and expressive options to choose from.

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